Design Science, Inc.

Status: Active 
Member Since: 09/26/2009 
Specialization: Civil Engineering, Project Management 
Contact Person: Mr. Roberto S. Tenchavez 
Position: President 
Telephone No.: +632 912 9898, +632 911 5386, +632 913 5356; +639177911252 (mobile) 
Fax No.: +632 911 5420 
Address: 59 Whitefield St. 
  White Plains 
City: Quezon City 
Country: Philippines  
Zip code: 1110 
Email Address: 

Design Science, Incorporated (DSI) was established in September, 1981 as a Philippine corporation.

Today, the firm has a staff complement of over 200 professionals of various education and disciplines. A multi-faceted company, Design Science has been commissioned by the Philippine government, its allied agencies and private industries as a solutions provider for various projects, notably, in Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects for toll roads and expressways, among others.

Aside from its core competence in civil engineering design and project management, DSI has organized a new division to address energy efficiency and energy renewal concerns.A complementing energy audit and power management consulting service was also developed. With a view to introduce next-generation, computer-guided energy saving solutions in fixed speed motors, chillers, compressors and lighting, among others, the firm is well positioned to proactively contribute to the Philippine government's move to lessen its dependence on fossil fuel, causing a heavy drain to its foreign currency reserves and its unabaited degradation of our environment. DSI has developed a cadre of energy-efficient solutions focused on delivering economical, quality, innovative and real-time answers which satisfy the growing demands for reduced energy consumption in commerce and industry in the Philippines.

Of recent vintage, DSI has earned a place in the Energy Sustainability Development Program as an energy service company (ESCO).

The program is jointly developed by the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Incorporated - in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation - a member of the World Bank Group.

Design Science, Incorporated (DSI) has performed a number of private, local and foreign-funded projects for various civil engineering, energy-related and architectural solutions. It is an accredited consulting firm for major funding institutions such as:

  • World Bank
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Japan Bank for International Construction (JBIC)
  • Obuchi Fund (Japan)
  • Kuwait Fund for Arab Development (KFAED)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Saudi Fund for Development (Saudi Fund)

DSI also deputized environmental specialists and economists for projects in Brunei, Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam.

Since 1993, DSI has spawned into other successful commercial ventures by establishing corporations in cable television, telecommunications, high-end family restaurant chain and foundation construction.